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Egyptian Museum

I didn’t plan to publish these photos as in Egyptian Museum in Cairo, photographing is restricted, so what I took there by photo camera are without flash light. Surpassingly I took better photos by my cell phone.

Vulture Collar, Tutankhamun’s tomb. c. 1340 B.C. Gold, glass, and obsidian.



Ebony, lifsized, statue that guarded the treasury room of the tomb.

Kind of Sandals

Tutankhamun s golden throne , c . 1340 BC . Throne found in his tomb, Valley of the Kings, Thebes . Wood with gold overlays and inlays of colored glass & semi precious stones

View from the second floor

Kind of clock

kind of wooden tools

Child’s mummy

Head of the huge Crocodile mummy

This little crocodile was in his mouth when found.

This is cow mummy .  . . well at least it was.

Kind of fish mummy